Kensington MP’s Boris Johnson prank

Kensington MP's Boris Johnson prank
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Since Labour's surprise victory in the People's Republic of Kensington, new MP Emma Dent Coad has been quick to make her mark on Parliament. As well as saying her predecessors are not 'hard acts to follow' and calling for the monarchy (many of whom are her constituents) to be abolished, Dent Coad made the news after she said Sir Martin Moore-Bick should be replaced as head of the Grenfell Tower inquiry because he does not ‘understand human beings’.

So, Mr S was curious to tune into Dent Coad's appearance on today's Pienaar's Politics where the backbencher was asked whether she has ever done anything illegal. After admitting to experimenting with cannabis, Jon Pienaar asked whether his sources were right to say that she has a penchant for defacing Boris Johnson posters:

JP: What about defacing Boris Johnson posters? My sources tell me you've been up to that.

EDC: Was that illegal? Quite possibly. I did use blue tack so they could have been moved. There was a lovely poster of Boris Johnson on the way to my daughter's school and he had a clown hat one day and a... moustache the other day and all kinds of other things.

Good to see Dent Coad keeping busy...

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