Peter Hoskin

Killing off the “do nothing” charge

Killing off the "do nothing" charge
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Seems like the Tories are trying to kill of Gordon Brown's "do nothing" charge once and for all.  After David Cameron went out of his way, in PMQs yesterday, to point out that the attack has hardly helped Brown - and is only indicative of the PM's love for dividing lines - it was telling to hear George Osborne repeat the analysis on this morning's Today programme.  

But why put in the effort if it's doing Gordon little good?  Perhaps the Tories are worried about it after all?  I rather think that they've come to see it as an annoyance; something that - however ineffective and disingenous it may be - is lingering like a bad smell.  With Brown repeating it every opportunity he gets, there's always a reason for interviewers to mention it whenever they get a Tory behind the microphone - just as John Humphrys did this morning.  Having a stock response could well nip that in the bud.  And, what's more, it could encourage some more destabiling chat about whether Brown should change tack.