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Kinnock: “We’ve got our party back”

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Oh dear. I know Neil Kinnock is trying to rally the troops and all that but, really, I don't think this is terribly helpful. Of Ed Miliband and his little speech:

"It was magnificent and I will never be able to praise him enough," the peer told a packed hall.

"A trade union delegate leaned over and said 'Neil, we've got our party back'. I thought that was so accurate as an instantaneous response to the leader's speech."


As for Red Ed, for all the talk that he's not as left-wing as the Daily Mail would have one believe one can't help but notice that the Proper Left (as distinguished from the Loony Left) seem to consider him, to dig-up an old phrase, "One of Us".

*Nice chap, at least when talking about rugby. Not so good at winning elections. Brave however and he did the country no small service in seeing off Militant and the headbangers who really wanted to destroy the Labour party for good.

**UPDATE: On the other hand, in the File this in the World Gone Mad Department it seems that Barack Obama has been receiving electoral advice from Michael Dukakis.

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