Isabel Hardman

Labour and Lib Dems welcome ‘progress’ on TV debates

Labour and Lib Dems welcome 'progress' on TV debates
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So both Labour and the Lib Dems have responded to the TV debates with caution and enthusiasm respectively. A Labour spokesman said ‘based on the broadcasters’ proposals we have accepted and plan to attend all three debates on April 2nd, 16th and the 30th. If the Tories have confirmed they are to attend one of these debates then that is progress. It is one down, two to go. But no-one should be fooled: David Cameron is running scared of a head-to-head televised debate with Ed Miliband’.

The Lib Dems have also welcomed the move as 'progress', with a spokesman saying: '

'It's good news that we are finally making progress towards a sensible solution on the TV debates.

'The latest proposals from the broadcasters are welcomed by the Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg will take part in the events that he's been invited to.'

There is a theory now that Number 10 has offered another offer after the final offer that there could be another offer on the cards, just to confuse matters. But Labour, while saying that just one debate taking place and the separate interviews on the same night is ‘completely hypothetical’, is also not ruling out just turning up to that one debate that Cameron has agreed to. We’ll see who else makes a final final offer.