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Labour conference, day four: The Spectator guide

Labour conference, day four: The Spectator guide
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Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech will be the highlight - or lowlight (depending on your perspective) - of the day as the curtain comes down at Labour’s annual conference. The party has largely managed to put on a brave face and display of unity during its annual gathering. But there is still time for that facade to all come crashing down as Corbyn closes the conference. Here’s what on today:

Main conference:

9am: Policy seminars

2.15pm: Jeremy Corbyn gives his keynote speech

Fringe events:

9am: Labour women’s network - what next for women in the party, politics and public space?

Labour women’s network

12.30pm: Securing the future: what will reverse the rise on child poverty?

Child Poverty Action Group

Speakers include: Alison McGovern; Caroline Flint; John McTernan

12.30pm: The future of the Brexit digital market

Future Labour

Speakers include: Chi Onwurah; Chuka Umunna

12.30pm: Columbia in Translation: Peace and Social justice

Justice for Colombia

Speakers include: Mick Whelan, general secretary, ASLEF