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Labour conference, day three: The Spectator guide

Labour conference, day three: The Spectator guide
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Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader, and Sadiq Khan, the Labour politician with the largest mandate to his name, both take to the stage today on the third day of Labour's conference in Liverpool. Watson described the leadership contest as a 'very bruising summer' for the party and insisted the focus now was on 'rebuilding trust' among voters after Corbyn was re-elected leader on Saturday. He's likely to make a similar pitch in his keynote speech today. While Khan will tell the Labour conference (in a veiled dig at Corbyn) that the party can only make a difference if it manages to win power. Elsewhere, Corbyn's defeated rival in the leadership race Owen Smith is scheduled to make an appearance in a fringe event at 12.30pm. While Keith Vaz is due to appear at an event asking the question, 'How could Labour stop immigration driving away its voters?' Here's the full run-through of what's on today:

Main conference:

9.30am: NEC constitutional amendments

2.15pm: Deputy leader Tom Watson's speech

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan's speech

Fringe events:

12.30pm: Powerhouse of poorhouse? How to drive more inclusive growth in the north of England?


Speakers include: Andy Burnham

12.30pm: No one left behind: Who’s looking out for young people?

Nacho and Centrepoint

Speakers include: Owen Smith

12.30pm: Making justice work

Society of Labour lawyers

Speakers include: Lord Falconer; Shami Chakrabarti

5.30pm: How could Labour stop immigration driving away its voters?


Speakers include: Keith Vaz; Stella Creasy

5.30pm: What would it take for Labour to win a general election?

IPPR and Bright Blue

Speakers include: Lisa Nandy; Dan Jarvis

7pm: The diversity gathering

Fabian Society

Speakers include: Chuka Umunna; Wes Stressing; Johanna Baxter

7pm: Time for Labour to embrace PR

Labour campaign for electoral reform and Make Votes matter

Speakers include: Stephen Twigg; John McDonnell; Cat Smith; Polly Toynbee; Clive Lewis

9.30pm: Labour friends of Israel annual reception

Labour friends of Israel

Speakers include: Hilik Bar, general secretary of the Israeli Labour Party

Momentum conference:

11am - 1pm: Making the Left sexy

Speakers include: Beth Foster-Ogg

1pm-3pm: Building a Radical Media


Speakers include: Glenn Greenwald; Paul Mason

3pm - 5pm: The Rise of Corbyn

Richard Seymour - author of Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics