Peter Hoskin

Labour didn’t think this one through...<br />

Labour didn't think this one through...<br />
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There's me thinking that Labour wouldn't go negative with their latest poster, created via an online competition among their supporters.  I mean, surely they wouldn't want to undermine their whizzy, positive, digital energy by picking a design which didn't present an equally positive Labour vision.  But, oh, how they did.  Here's the winning design:

Now, there are two immediate problems with this poster.  The first being that I'd always thought the character Cameron is meant to be playing – DCI Gene Hunt – is actually quite popular with the public, despite his rough and less-then-edifying edges.  Indeed, he even topped a recent poll as "Britain's favourite TV hero".  If you're going to go down that whole 80s route, why not pick someone genuinely nasty – like Gordon Gekko, for instance?  Or Skeletor... 

And the other problem is that, with all the union action at the moment, and the state of the public finances, the Tories could just as easily produce their own alternative: Don't let them take Britain back to the 1970s.

Ah, I hadn't noticed that ConHome had already come up with a 70s spoof of the poster.  As commenters point out below, you can see it here.