Peter Hoskin

Labour down in the dumps, as Lib Dems climb

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John Rentoul promised us a wave-making ComRes / IoS poll, and he wasn't lying.  The figures he revealed earlier show a 6 point climb in Lib Dem support, putting them within three points of Labour, who record their worst showing since last September.  The Tories have fallen back slightly, too, but their lead over Labour is a hefty 16 points, the biggest since October last year.  Here are the headline figures in full:

Conservatives --- 41 percent (down 2 percentage points)

Labour --- 25 percent (down 3)

Lib Dems --- 22 percent (up 6)

Before writing off the surge in Lib Dem support as outlier, remember that last week's ICM poll also showed a 6 point rise for Clegg & Co.  Will be worth keeping an eye on the next batch of polls to see if it sticks.

As for the below-headline figures, the most eyecatching ones are in response to the statement: "The Conservatives have the right ideas about how to get Britain out of recession".  45 percent of respondents disagreed, with only 35 percent agreeing.  Despite the impressive poll leads they're achieving, there's still a sense that the Tories need to do more to win the economic debate and solidify their position.