Labour MP attacks ‘debate’

Labour MP attacks 'debate'
Nadia Whittome MP, Picture credit: UK Parliament Official portrait (CC BY 3.0) licence
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Usually, MPs think debate is quite an important part of their job description – after all, the entire purpose of the House of Commons is to pit the opposition against the government of the day, to scrutinise their decisions, and in doing so make better policy. 

That appears to have passed the Labour MP and Corbyn ally Nadia Whittome by though. Instead, debating some issues is bad, according to the Member of Parliament.

Tweeting to promote a piece on trans rights in the Independent today, the new Labour MP said that debate acts as ‘a foot in the door for doubt and hatred’.

Mr S understands that Labour has a zero-tolerance policy across a number of issues, but who knew there was zero-tolerance on debating issues at all? With that kind of attitude, who needs debate? 

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