Labour MPโ€™s futile Select Committee protest

Labour MP's futile Select Committee protest
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After the departure of Laura Pidcock from the House of Commons, many hoped that Labour had finally gotten over its factionalism and refusal to cooperate with politicians across the aisle. Apparently not though, judging by the behaviour of one of its MPs today.

The party's new MP for Coventry South, Zarah Sultana โ€“ who came under fire during the election, when several of her past social media posts implying she would celebrate the death of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu came to light โ€“ appeared very unhappy that Tory candidates might be seeking election to be the chair of a Select Committee.

Sultana even posted a video of herself throwing a selection of Tory MPs' leaflets into the bin, writing 'lol, that's not me':

Alas, the new MP seems not to have realised that Select Committee chair positions are divided between the parties in advance โ€“ so all the candidates standing for each position will be from the same party. Unfortunately, even if Sultana fails to vote, one of her hated Tory MPs will get in anyway...

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