Labour MP’s Red Lion trip

Labour MP's Red Lion trip
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It seems that Labour MPs have difficulty handling their drink these days. Unlike the old school union bruisers who could happily sink half a dozen pints before speaking in the chamber, the current crop seem to be less adept at maintaining their composure after a Pinot or two. 

For last night – just as various newspapers were reporting an inebriated Charlotte Nichols had to be carted off in a wheelchair on a Remembrance Day trip to Gibraltar – another of Nichols' colleagues was busy embarrassing themselves at the Red Lion.

The wine-swilling MP in question appeared to have adopted a 'For the many, not the few' attitude to drink. So intoxicated was the sloshed socialist that they were heard loudly proclaiming the cause of Lisa Nandy's leadership credentials before managing to inelegantly trip up a flight of stairs and collapse flat on the ground, smashing their glass in the process.

The MP's embarrassed staffers rushed to pick them up, all in front of no less than fifteen Tory bag-carriers, caseworkers and various parliamentary assistants. Unsurprisingly, the details – and identity – of the lairy legislatior are doing the rounds of Westminster's corridors today, along with various impressions of the sozzled stumbler in question.

So much for the tolerant left, eh. Perhaps Labour's next campaign intends to hark back to the Tories' 2005 slogan – 'Are you drinking what we're drinking?'

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