Labour party conference 2019, in pictures

Labour party conference 2019, in pictures
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There's been an uneasy mood at the Labour party conference in stormy Brighton this week, as the party has split over whether it should back Remain in a second referendum, argued over the abolition of its deputy leader Tom Watson, and fought over who should be the successor to Jeremy Corbyn's throne.

But despite all the flux, some things at Labour conference never change. Especially the party's unadulterated passion for Jeremy Corbyn and 'Socialism', displayed throughout the conference venues on posters, books, and of course, themed goods which can be sold to delegates with deep pockets.

Below are Mr Steerpike's pictures from the week:


Meanwhile, Momentum's The World Transformed festival nearby also featured a 'Museum of Neoliberalism' to entertain punters.

Which included copies of Teen Boss magazine:

Books about Gandhi:

And of course a shadowy nexus of individuals and groups who run the world:

Culprits include the World Bank and IMF:

The economist Friedrich Hayek:

And somehow the death of the genocidal Mao in China, and his replacement with the reformer Deng Xiaoping:

And Tony Blair, naturally:


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