Charles Moore

Labour plotters: please don’t overthrow Jeremy Corbyn just yet

Labour plotters: please don't overthrow Jeremy Corbyn just yet
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According to the Daily Express, a tightly knit group of fanatical Labour moderates have been meeting in a country retreat to plot the overthrow of Jeremy Corbyn. Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie and another ten or so smoothy-chops have met secretly for away-days at Fair Oak Farm, near Mayfield in Sussex, the paper claims.

This scoop is a slight blow to me, since I live only a few miles away and failed to notice the plotters, but a much graver one to this country’s greatest defender of ordinary decent people, Paul Dacre, whose large southern estate all but borders Fair Oak. How did the Daily Mail’s inferior rival steal this story from under his nose?

Those of us — including, of course, Mr Dacre — who support the cause of Leave, do not welcome such plots. Although Mr Corbyn would be the worst prime minister since records began, we are also grateful to him for his help in making Brexit possible. Given his history as a lifelong Eurosceptic, he has not been brave in standing up for Leave, but his lack of enthusiasm for Remain has been crucial in preventing its full mobilisation.

If he were to be toppled in the coming months, the attempt by frenzied centrists to frustrate the wishes of the referendum majority might just, at the last minute, succeed. He deserves to go, for his association with anti-Semites and those who hate western civilisation, but right now he is in the right place. Lord, make him toast, but not yet.

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