Labour’s campaign genius (finally) meets Jeremy Corbyn

Labour's campaign genius (finally) meets Jeremy Corbyn
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Ahead of the Labour leadership results, Lucy Powell engaged in some gentle bitching online about Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of social interaction with her. Ed Miliband’s former deputy campaign chief told Miliband’s former political secretary Anna Yearley that she had never, ever met the man of the moment.

This led Ukip's Douglas Carswell to offer to make an introduction. Happily this gesture won't be needed as the times are a'changin. Seemingly willing to overlook this slight, the newly-elected Corbyn has appointed Powell as Labour's shadow education secretary.

However, given that blunder-ridden Powell was behind some of Labour's worst election gaffes, she may not be the asset Corbyn requires at this testing time:

1. Powell was the genius who helped organise Russell Brand's pre-election interview with Ed Miliband. This led to mockery from all sides as Miliband began to appear even less credible than before, for trying to win the tiring comedian turned left-wing revolutionary's endorsement. Happily, Powell has no work to do here as Corbyn has already won Brand's approval.

2. Powell isn't great on tax. But then again a brief read of Corbynomics seems to suggest the new Labour leader is also lacking in this area, so perhaps the pair have already discovered a common interest.

3. After Ed Miliband revealed his 8ft stone 'policy cenotaph' listing all of Labour's election promises, Powell appeared on the radio to say that this didn't mean that Miliband would keep his word. Still, since Corbyn appears to have already broken one campaign promise -- to ensure 'gender equality' -- this too may not be an issue.

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On second thoughts, Mr S suspects that this may be the start of a new special relationship.