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Labour’s conference, day two: The Spectator guide

Labour's conference, day two: The Spectator guide
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John McDonnell takes centre stage on day two of Labour's conference. The shadow chancellor has recently dismissed reports of a coup against Jeremy Corbyn as 'laughable'. But could his speech today be an audition for the top job when the Labour leader does depart? Here are the highlights to watch out for today:

Labour conference:

9:30: Morning Plenary Session:

Public investment and ownership

12:15: Shadow Chancellor's speech

12:40: Votes

14:15: Afternoon Plenary Session:

Social security and skills

17:25: Votes

Fringe events:

8:30: PoliticsHome Breakfast Briefing Live

Barry Gardiner MP, Liz Kendall MP, Kevin Schofield, Sebastian Whale, Matt Zarb-Cousin; Meeting Room 4A

9:30: Towards A Kinder Gentler Politics On Social Media – Why We Need A New Ethos Of Civility

David Goodhart (chair), Yvette Cooper MP, Frank Field MP, Owen Jones, Baroness Royal of Blaisdon, Amelia Gentleman; Hall 2, Room 3

12:00: Immigration After Brexit: Can We Find Common Ground?

Yvette Cooper MP, Jill Rutter; Concourse Room 2

12:00: Sister Party Lunch

Hall 2H

12:00: The Big Labour Quiz Of The Year

Meeting Room 12

12:15: Challenging The Hostile Environment & Tommy Robinson’s Fascists

Diane Abbott MP, Richard Burgon MP, Steve Turner; The Observatory, Avenue HQ, 17 Mann Island, L3 1BP

12:30: Brexit: A Nation Divided

Jane Thomas (chair), Stephen Kinnock MP, Paddy Kelly, Anna Nicholl, Daniel Holder, John Downie; Concourse Room, 4


Floor, Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, L3 4BB

12:30: Radical Solutions To Fix Broken Britain

Alexandra Runswick (chair), Marsha De Cordova MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Mete Coban, Adam Ramsay, Tom West; Suite 8, Jury’s Inn, 31 Keel Wharf, L3 4FN

12:30: A Manifesto For England 2019 – Winning Elections Everywhere…

Pam Buchan (chair), Lisa Nandy MP, Polly Billington, Jim McMahon MP; Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, L1 3BT

12:30: The Economy In 2025

Labour Tribune MP’s Group; The Baltic Flee, 33A Wapping, L1 8DQ

13:30: A Woman’s Place Is In Her Trade Union

Sienna Rodgers (chair), Faiza Shaheen, Lara McNeill, Shen Batmaz, more speakers to be announced; Concourse Room 5

14:30: PLP Departmental Group Discussion Event – Brexit

Jon Craig (chair), Graham Jones MP, Ellie Reeves MP, Gareth Snell MP, Stephen Kinnock MP; Concourse Room 1

15:00: Building The McStrike – Taking Action To Make £10 An Hour A Reality

John McDonnell MP (invited), Ian Hodson, McStrike representative, Fight for 15 representative, more speakers to be announced; King Suite, Pullman Hotel, Kings Dock, Monarchs Quay, L3 4FP

15:30: Media Manipulation Of Minorities And Other Press Abuses

Steve Coogan, Tom Watson MP, Isobel Ingham-Barrow, Margaret Aspinall, Andy Burnham, Dr Evan Harris, more speakers to be announced; Hall 2 Room 4

16:00: Labour Party Faiths Reception

Stephen Timms MP (chair), Imran Madden, Nigel Harris; Collection Lounge

17:00: Stop The War – Why We Need An Anti-War Government

Murad Qureshi (chair), Chris Williamson MP, Andrew Murray, Lindsey German; Suite 3, Jury’s Inn, 31 Keel Wharf, L3 4FN

17:15: World For The Many Consultation: Share Your Views On Labour’s Approach To International Development

Kate Osamor MP, Labour International Development Taskforce representative; Revolution, Albert Dock, Anchor Courtyard, Liverpool L3 4AE

17:30: Havana Club Rum Reception: Trump: Hands Off Latin America – No To Blockade And Sanctions

Karen Lee MP (chair), H. E. Teresita Vicente, Dan Carden MP, Chris Williamson MP, Dr Francisco Dominguez, Diana Holland; The Princes Suite 3

17:30: Fighting Antisemitism, Fighting The Far Right

Leah Levane (chair), Jenny Manson (chair), Jewish Voice For Labour, more speakers to be announced; Roddick Rooms, The Women’s Organisation, 54 St James Street, L1 0AB

17:45: Brexit – What Next?

John Mills (chair), Brendan Chilton, Paul Embery, Kate Hoey MP, Austin Mitchell, Graham Stringer MP; Novotel, 40 Hanover Street, L1 4LR

18:00: Labour First Conference Rally

Function Room, The Liverpool Pub, 14 James Street, L2 7PQ

18:30: Stories From The Hostile Environment: Ending Indefinite Detention With Refugee Tales

Shami Chakrabarti (chair), Afzal Khan MP, Rachel Holmes, David Herd, David Lammy MP (invited); Concourse Room 4

18:30: Round Table/Question Time: Meet The National Committee Members You Vote For

Claudia Webbe (chair, CLPD); Institute Room, Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, L1 3BT

18:30: A Global Britain? The Impact Of Brexit On The World’s Poor

Kate Osamor MP; Grace Suite 2, Hilton Hotel, 3 Thomas Steers Way, L1 8LW

19:00: Labour For Refugees: The Labour Party And Refugee’s Right To Work

Thangam Debbonaire MP (chair), Refugee Council representative, Refugee Action representative, more speakers to be announced; Albert Suite, Pullman Hotel, Kings Dock, Monarchs Quay, L3 4FP

19:30: Winning A Labour Government. Will Labour Take The Power?

John McDonnell MP, Emma Dent Coad MP, Darren Williams, Leah Levane, Matt Wrack, Labour International representative; Friends Meeting House, 22 School Lane, L1 3BT

20:00: Liverpool: A Brexit-Free-Zone

Professor Michael Dougan (chair), Chuka Umunna MP, Alison McGovern MP, Dame Louise Ellman MP, Theresa Griffin MEP, Clr Joe Anderson; Albert Suite 4, Hilton Hotel, 3 Thomas Steers Way, L1 8LW

21:00: Annual Conference Party

The World Transformed:

13:00-14:30: Invisible Histories: Racisms Past and Present

Speakers to be announced; Constellations Event Space

19:30-21:15: 10 Years Since the Financial Crisis: Transforming the Global Economy

John McDonnell MP, Leo Panitch, Raquel Rolnik, more speakers to be announced; Hinterlands Main Space

19:30-23:30: Acid Corbynism: Consciousness, Club Culture and Collective Joy

Speakers to be announced; Hinterlands Theatre

19:30-21:15: In Conversation with Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jon Trickett MP, Jean-Luc Mélenchon; Black-E Main Space

19:30-21:15: Fighting for Trans Liberation

Joni Cohen, Toby Sinbad Walker, Chamindra Weerawardhana, more speakers to be announced; Black-E Theatre