Labour’s massive leaflet mix-up

Labour's massive leaflet mix-up
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The Labour party have their work cut out this election if they want to close the gap in the polls and make up for their leader's disastrous interview with Andrew Neil last night. Unfortunately, it appears that the Labour party campaign machine might not be quite up to the challenge.

Local Labour activists in South Thanet in Kent have been up in arms this week, after they found out that voters in their area have been posted Labour leaflets from the wrong part of the country.

Instead of being petitioned by their local Labour branch, residents of South Thanet have instead received mail from Labour's Emma Lewell-Buck, who hopes to represent, errr, the good people of South Shields in the North East of England. It's not known exactly how many people in Kent have received the leaflets, but Thanet's Labour activists fear their entire constituency may have been bombarded with mail from the wrong candidate.

One local resident in South Thanet kindly passed on to Mr S the leaflet he received from Emma Lewell-Buck, despite living a massive 350 miles away from her constituency in the North East:

Overall, it appears to be an impressive cock-up from the South Shields branch. Not only have they managed to sow confusion in South Thanet about who the actual Labour candidate is, they've also presumably managed to botch campaign spend limits in both constituencies.

Next time Emma Lewell-Buck wants to send out leaflets to her constituents, perhaps she should first look at a map...

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