Lansman’s council bid loses Momentum

Lansman's council bid loses Momentum
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In February Mr S reported that onetime Labour power broker Jon Lansman was set to stand for Cornwall County Council in May's local elections. Lansman, the founder of leftwing campaign group Momentum, left his party's national executive committee in December, swearing that 'My legacy isn't complete' with an afterlife in the politics of potholes appearing to be a fitting end to 40 years of leftwing activism.

But now the onetime Bennite's bid for power appears to have collapsed after Lansman was left off the list of nominated candidates for the Mousehole, Newlyn and St Buryan electoral district. Residents there now only have three candidates to choose from – William Bolitho of the Conservatives, Ian Flindall for the Greens and Thalia Marrington of the Liberal Democrats – with Labour now not standing any candidate at all. Something of an embarrassment for the local St Ives' Labour branch, whose political education officer is one, errr, Jon Lansman.

Lansman is understood to have withdrawn for 'personal reasons' and his profile appears to have been purged from the St Ives list of candidates. Fortunately, a copy can still be found on internet archive database Wayback Machine, which shows Lansman, someone used to accusations of entryism, describing himself as being 'relatively new to Cornwall' and claiming 'I am proud to have made a substantial contribution to recent election campaigns.'

Mr S is sure that CCHQ will agree with that assessment of Lansman's electoral capabilities.

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