Isabel Hardman

Len McCluskey turns on Jeremy Corbyn

Len McCluskey turns on Jeremy Corbyn
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Either Len McCluskey is, in the Corbynista narrative, a Tory, or things are going badly wrong for the man his union endorsed for the Labour leadership. The York Press reports that the Unite leader told an audience in York that Jeremy Corbyn ‘has to come to terms with his leadership’, that he ‘can’t necessarily say the first thing that comes into his head’ and that his comments about shoot-to-kill were ‘inappropriate’.

What this shows - unless Len McCluskey really is a red Tory - is that even those union bosses who have been agitating for years for Labour to move left have been shocked by how disorganised and naive his operation has been since taking the helm of the party. They were disgruntled after his chaotic first week, but Len McCluskey breaking cover now shows that things haven’t improved, and that it’s not just Labour MPs who are worried about what is happening to their party.

Of course, what may happen is that McCluskey now says that his remarks were taken out of context - but he's too clever an operator to make any remarks that aren't entirely well-aimed and within context.