Listen: Labour MP squirms over Corbyn election leaflet photo

Listen: Labour MP squirms over Corbyn election leaflet photo
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Labour MP Sarah Champion was ‘giddy with excitement’ ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s launch of the party's election campaign this morning. Afterwards, she tweeted to say that the event was ‘stunning’. So it might be a fair bet to assume she’ll be proudly urging voters to back Jeremy Corbyn all the way to Downing Street? Not so.

In an awkward interview on the World at One, Champion - who 'unresigned' back to her job on the shadow cabinet after quitting last year - was asked whether Corbyn would be appearing on her election leaflets. Champion’s response was to say that she was planning to but didn't know whether it would actually happen. Here's what she said:

‘Is his photograph on your election literature?

‘Erm, I haven’t written all of my election literature yet, so, erm, but…

'Are you planning on putting his picture on your election pamphlets?

‘I am planning on putting his picture on my election..whether or not that actually happens, I don’t know, because I have not written it all yet.'

With less than five weeks to go until the election, Mr S thinks it’s about time Champion made up her mind…

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