Listen: Mark Francois says ‘Up yours’ to Philip Hammond

Listen: Mark Francois says 'Up yours' to Philip Hammond
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The results of the second set of indicative votes were announced this evening, and after showing once again that MPs had rejected every single alternative Brexit strategy, the Brexiteers in the Tory party were in a jubilant mood.

None more so that ERG member Mark Francois, who spoke to Radio 4 shortly after the results were announced. In his interview Francois described the attempts by MPs to take control of the parliamentary timetable and force the government's hand as an attempted coup against the people, led by Philip Hammond, and ended his point by addressing the Chancellor directly, saying:

'And if you're listening Mr Hammond, my fraternal message to you is "up yours".'

Tory party unity is going well then.

Listen to the full exchange here:

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