Listen: Rachel Johnson can’t name a single Lib Dem policy she disagrees with

Listen: Rachel Johnson can't name a single Lib Dem policy she disagrees with
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It seems inevitable that the European elections this month will be seen as a litmus test of the British public's attitude to Brexit, especially when it comes to a second referendum. And, if Nigel Farage's Brexit party triumphs over the Remain coalition, the case for a People's Vote will be weaker than ever.

So as you can imagine, the Lib Dems and Greens (as two parties backing a second referendum) are deeply unhappy that a third, Change UK, has joined the fray and will further split the Remain vote on 23 May.

They may be even unhappier though when they realise that Change UK candidates aren't even sure why they're not Lib Dems. The Change UK MEP candidate for south-west England, Rachel Johnson, was interviewed by Radio 4 this morning, and suggested that her new party was a 'fresh alternative to the Lib Dems.'

Yet when asked by the BBC's Ross Hawkins if she could name a single Lib Dem policy she disagreed with, the Johnson sibling was lost for words. A remarkable ten second silence followed, before Johnson eventually had to concede that she was simply 'enjoying the view.'

Listen here:

Mr S isn't convinced even Change UK candidates know why their party exists...

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