Liz Kendall goes ‘Cool Britannia’ with endorsement from Blur musician

Liz Kendall goes 'Cool Britannia' with endorsement from Blur musician
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Liz Kendall may say she is not the Blairite candidate in the leadership election but her campaign isn't doing much to suggest otherwise. As well as possessing the most New Labour-esque policies, Kendall appears to be bringing back Cool Britannia.

Just as Tony Blair was once the darling of the 90s music movement with musicians like Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher supporting him, Kendall has now won an endorsement from another Brit Pop great. Blur's drummer Dave Rowntree was the guest of honour at Kendall's final campaign event this morning, before the election result on Saturday:


When Mr S interrupted their Tender embrace to hear why the Girls and Boys had come together at the event, Rowntree came across rather shy and acted as though he was Out of Time. While the musician insisted that it was 'Liz's event' rather than his, he did add that 'she's the best person for the job'.

Let's hope Rowntree's endorsement brings more political success to Kendall than the drummer has found for himself. In the 2010 election, he ran as the Labour party candidate in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency but lost out by a mere 11,076 votes to Mark Field, the Conservative MP.

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