Liz Kendall hits out at ‘old-fashioned misogyny’ on the hard left

Liz Kendall hits out at 'old-fashioned misogyny' on the hard left
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Although Liz Kendall insists that she gets on well with her former Labour leadership rival Jeremy Corbyn on a personal level, she is less fond of some of his supporters.

While it's well known that Kendall is on the opposite end of the spectrum to Corbyn when it comes to their political views within Labour, the Blairite says that it is the  'old-fashioned misogyny' of the hard left that she takes issue with. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Kendall says that many members of the hard left targeted her with misogynistic abuse just because she held opposing political views:

'There's a lot of old-fashioned misogyny on the hard left; you've only got to look at the comments about me during the leadership campaign. I was called a bitch, a whore, a see-you-next-Tuesday, as they say on Towie. All because my political views weren't the same as theirs.'

While she does not suggest that Corbyn is responsible in anyway, her inclusion in his team's 'hostile' MPs list will no doubt only fuel ill-feeling towards Kendall among his supporters.

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