Liz Kendall on safe ground for Newsnight debate

Liz Kendall on safe ground for Newsnight debate
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Tonight's Newsnight debate will see the four Labour leadership hopefuls -- Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn -- head to Nuneaton in a bid to boost their campaigns. Given that this week, Kendall's supporters have been dubbed the 'New Labour Taliban' by a Labour source, relations are likely to be strained between the four.

However, Kendall can at least take heart that she is on safe ground in Nuneaton, a seat which Labour failed to win the election. The party's candidate in the election, Vicky Fowler is backing Kendall. She says that after the failure of Labour to win the seat became the 'point at which the scale of Labour’s defeat across the country became clear' only Kendall can save the party:

'It is clear there is one candidate who is head and shoulders above the rest, who is ready to take this challenge on and can win Nuneaton and the country next time. It’s Liz Kendall. Labour has to spend the next five years relentlessly focussed on one task: winning the next election. With Liz Kendall, Labour can do just that – here in Nuneaton, and across the country.'

Seems you can't go anywhere nowadays without bumping into a member of the New Labour Taliban.