Lord Adonis: Nigel Farage is now Prime Minister

Lord Adonis: Nigel Farage is now Prime Minister
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Oh dear. Lord Adonis brought Theresa May's Christmas holiday to an abrupt end yesterday with the news that he is resigning as the government’s infrastructure tsar, citing the Prime Minister’s Brexit direction and the government bail-out the Stagecoach/Virgin East Coast rail franchise.

Not one to go quietly, Adonis penned a rather eccentric resignation letter – or several depending which account you believe – claiming Brexit is causing a nervous breakdown across Whitehall that resembles Suez. Government sources are keen to play down Adonis's departure as a case of walking before he was pushed – saying that this is a man who wants to stop Brexit.

While Mr S will leave readers to make up their own mind, Steerpike was struck by Adonis's appearance on LBC this morning. Adonis told Andrew Castle that rather than Theresa May, Nigel Farage is Prime Minister:

'To all intents and purposes, Nigel Farage is Prime Minister of this country.'

Well, at least that ought to soften the blow for Farage of missing out on the New Year honours list...