Louise Mensch blasts David Cameron for King Abdullah tribute

Louise Mensch blasts David Cameron for King Abdullah tribute
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Although Louise Mensch was once heralded as a 'Cameron Cutie,' the former Conservative MP's relationship with the Prime Minister has soured after he paid tribute to the late King Abdullah.

The Saudi Arabia monarch's death was announced yesterday, with the cause of death thought to be a lung infection. Speaking following the news, Cameron gushed that he would be remembered for his 'commitment to peace and for strengthening understanding between faiths'. However, the fact that his reign in Saudi Arabia has seen a higher number of beheadings than those carried out by Isis appears to have not escaped Mensch's attention. She took to Twitter to say that if Cameron or any other Conservative politician dared praise Abdullah in spite of his treatment of women, she would 'blast them from the highest heavens in the sun'.

In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed to leave their home without a male chaperone, try on clothes when shopping or work in a lingerie shop. The criticism of Cameron comes despite Mensch's tendency to praise her former boss.

Cameron isn't the only politician to come under fire for his words of praise, Tony Blair has upset one of his former employees.

— Martin Bright (@martinbright) January 23, 2015

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