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M is for PBH May

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It's that time again folks so here is the M XI, to follow those led by Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, DexterEdrichFry, GowerHutton Imran , Jardine, Kapil. and Lloyd

1. Arthur Morris (AUS)

2. Vijay Merchant (IND)

3. Charles Macartney (AUS)

4. PBH May (ENG) (Capt)

5. Stan McCabe (AUS)

6. Keith Miller (AUS)


8. Rod Marsh (AUS) (Wkt)

9. Malcolm Marshall (WI)

10. Muttiah Muralitharan (SL)

11. Glenn McGrath (AUS)

Country representation so far [before the M XI is counted!!!!!!!!!]: England 45, Australia 27, West Indies 17, India 12, Pakistan 11, South Africa 11, New Zealand 5, Sri Lanka 2, Zimbabwe 1, USA 1.

If Neville Cardus were selecting this side, Archie Maclaren would be the first name on the team-sheet. No other player in the modern history of the game has been served so well by a single writer. The legend of Maclaren is a legend of Cardus's creation. And if the facts don't quite fit the legend there's no shame in that. Everyman has his hero to whom all is granted and everything forgiven.

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