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Magnificent hypocrisy

Magnificent hypocrisy
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A pleasure to welcome Diane Abbott to the debate, despite the defamations. There is nothing remotely racist in my blog about the attempted murder of a fifteen year old girl. My argument is much as it has always been; that the creed of multiculturalism is largely to blame, the notion that cultures, no matter how antithetical to the norm, or anti-social, should be allowed to develop unhindered, without criticism. The point is, Abbott – by her actions – seems to agree.

That black males do badly, en-masse, in school, was sufficient for Ms Abbott to send her son to a very expensive private school. Here’s what she said at the time; the report is from the BBC:

'Ms Abbott had described her choice of a private education for her son as "inconsistent" with her own left-wing, egalitarian politics. But she said that race had been a factor in her decision, as too many black boys were unsuccessful within inner-city state schools. In state schools in Hackney, she had said that only 9% of black boys achieved five or more good GCSEs. Last year's secondary school league tables showed that the average GCSE results for schools in Hackney were about 20 percentage points below the national average. Less than a third of pupils were achieving five or more good GCSEs. The head of education in London, Tim Brighhouse, had also challenged Ms Abbott's opting out of the state system, saying that it was a myth that London schools were under-performing.'

Now, clearly it is not racial discrimination which accounts for the under-achievement – because African Caribbean girls, Bangladeshi boys and girls and so on do not under achieve. So it must be down to something to do with the culture. Abbott’s decision to send her child to a private school suggests to me that she thinks it something to do with race rather than culture. To me, the notion is foul (and wrong-headed) that simply because a boy is African-Caribbean he will necessarily under-achieve. But that’s what Abbott believed. What happens, once the kids have failed? Does it have a relationship with the sort of crime I talked about in my blog? Here’s the sage Diane again;

“Sadly 80 per cent of gun crime in London is "black on black", often involving boys in their teens. As a black woman and the mother of a teenage son this is frightening and wholly unacceptable. A fundamental and persistent problem is the continuing educational underachievement of black boys in particular. We cannot ignore the direct connection between underachievement and drifting into crime. Success in our fight against violent crime depends on satisfactorily addressing this issue. (See the section on my education campaigns for more details on how I am working on these issues).”

That’s Abbott talking, not me, from her blog. One of those statistics which she claims is inaccurate in my blog is here replicated by herself. What a fabulous hypocrite this ludicrous woman is. In other words she is allowed to make these points, with  a sprinkling of shibboleths and platitudes, but not a white person. Maybe that’s because, as Abbott put it, “Britain invented racism.”

Here’s someone else talking about the same issue. Trevor Phillips:

“I might have the result that you outline, but let's go back to the point here - what we need to do is stop people being shot and ending up dead in gutters at the age of fourteen or fifteen. Who are the people to whom that is happening? Way, way disproportionately black people. I think you will find that amongst the black community in this country there is more keenness for tough and active measures to rein in the gunmen than amongst anybody else, because they are the victims. So I think this - posing this as, you know, we're going to lock up a load of black people and let's, and that's an issue of discrimination, gets it completely wrong. The people who really want action are the black mothers and fathers that you see on TV mourning the deaths of their children.”

Precisely. I hate racism, and always have. But the terror of being called racist by chancers like Abbott should not stop us being angry about crime levels which are a disgrace to our community. That’s OUR community; black and white.