Margaret Ferrier went to church with Covid symptoms

Margaret Ferrier went to church with Covid symptoms
Margaret Ferrier speaks in Parliament
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It’s hard to overstate the recklessness of the SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, who last week admitted travelling down to London, after having developed Covid symptoms. Not only did the MP fail to stay at home to prevent potentially spending the disease, she also decided to speak in Parliament, and then decided to travel back to Scotland on the train after receiving a positive Covid test.

After the revelations came to light, Ferrier had the whip removed by the SNP, but has not yet resigned as the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

It appears though that the full extent of Ferrier’s disregard for public safety may not yet have been fully understood. The Daily Record reports today that Ferrier also attended a church service 24 hours after developing Covid symptoms, and may have even given a reading at St Mungo’s church in Glasgow. According to the paper, the MP sat at the front of the church, and gave a five-minute reading at the altar.

Mr Steerpike wonders if Ferrier should have brushed up on Proverbs 29:11 before she allegedly attended mass, which wisely advises that: ‘A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.’

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