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    Martyrdom: a new comic strip for Turkish kids

    Martyrdom: a new comic strip for Turkish kids
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    Thrilling news arrives from Turkey, where it is being reported that a government body has issued comic books to the nation’s children telling them how bloody marvellous it is to become an Islamic martyr.

    Diyanet Çocuk Dergisi Nisan sayısı çıktı...

    — DiyanetÇocukDergisi (@DiyanetCocuk) March 28, 2016

    2'I really want to be a martyr, daddy,' one child asks its idiotic parent. Well you can be, daddy replies, if you want it enough. The book goes on to say: 'May God bless our martyrs, may their graves be full with holy light, (as well as detonated body parts).'

    Well ok, it didn’t say the bit in brackets – that was my helpful addition. The book was got up by the Diyanet, the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs.

    Remember, Turkey is the country held up to us kuffars as the beacon of Islamic tolerance and moderation. Furthermore, they’ll all be coming over here very soon, now that we’ve agreed to let all 70 million of them have visas. A firework night every night of the week. You can read more about the comic here. And maybe pick up a few tips.