David Blackburn

May calls for culture change towards LGB&T groups

May calls for culture change towards LGB&T groups
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Theresa May has called for ‘culture change’ in wider society to ease the equality and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender minorities. Abstractions are the executive’s favoured metier these days. I’ve read and re-read May’s article in Pink News and nowhere does she define ‘culture change’. The end product of a culture change towards LGB&T groups might be envisaged, but how is it initiated?

The government cannot answer that question, beyond suggesting that supporting pride marches is positive. True, but society is more than a pride march. It exists in the daily confusion caused by ill-defined laws, such as who B&B owners let into their homes/businesses. Or whether it is both realistic and acceptable to force minority religious groups to employ other minorities who live contrary to a specific faith?

Bad law is the greatest impediment to fairness. A culture change towards minorities can and should be effected by coherent and fair legislation. Laws that state what is acceptable and what is not; laws that do not promote prejudice or discriminate against one minority for the benefit of another. Reform is needed, not continuity.