Peter Hoskin

Meekly does it

Meekly does it
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You wait days to see the word "meekly" in print, and then it crops up twice at once.  Today's Sun reports on a Jon Cruddas speech tomorrow, in which he claims that:

"[Labour] seem to be meekly accepting defeat, unable to show what we believe in...

...We have only months to get this right, otherwise we will go down to catastrophic defeat."

While Jackie Ashley develops the same theme in a piece for the Guardian, highlighting the same Cruddas quote along the way.

The Cruddas intervention is significant mainly because of its timing.  The MP for Dagenham has clarified his views on Labour's plight before now (including in the latest New Statesman), but with only a few weeks to go until the Labour party conference, this is bound to ruffle a few feathers.