Mensch to date night Dave: you’ve lost the battle

Mensch to date night Dave: you've lost the battle
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Mr Steerpike spotted an interview in today's Evening Standard with ex-Westminster luminary Louise Mensch. Across a double page spread, she offers her tips on keeping a marriage alive. In particular, she suggests relationships based around romantic 'date nights' are a sham:

'By the time you've got to that, you've already lost the battle ... You've got to grab him when he comes out of the shower every day. You can't save it for a special evening'

Unfortunately for Mrs. Mensch, her ex-boss feels otherwise. Young Dave has been frequently spotted hitting the town with his better-half Sam on just such a night. He's even spoken of his appreciation for frequent date nights:

'We have one night a week where we either stay in and do nothing or go out on our own. We have a couple of favourite Italian restaurants in north Kensington but I can't tell you about them. My wife and I always try to do something but occasionally we haven't booked a restaurant early enough. I'm sure that's something lots of people experience.'

Mr Steerpike imagines that No.10 will be overjoyed to receive Mrs Mensch's latest relationship advice. Her intuition has previously resulted in a helpful by-election and lessened Parliamentary minority.

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