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Midgets need not apply?

Midgets need not apply?
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Via Arthur Goldhammer - curator of the excellent French Politics blog which has become an invaluable resource for keeping up to speed with Sarko et al - comes this splendid illustration of the benefits of a Harvard education. As Mr Goldhammer says, "Note the translation of Hautes Etudes":


Mr Goldhammer also draws one's attention to a 60 Minutes profile of Sarkozy this evening in which Sarko decides he's can't be bothered answering CBS's questions and abruptly storms out of the interview. Should be fun!

UPDATE:  Mr Goldhammer observes that Lesley Stahl does not seem to know very much about France. Fancy that!

Sarko apparently stormed out of his interview with Lesley Stahl because she asked him a question about Cécilia, but he should have refused to meet with her because she is so utterly ignorant of France, as this "reporter's notebook" makes clear (click on the "Lesley Stahl's notebook" link). She states that France "used to be anti-American but is now pro-American and pro-Israel" and that the French are "prohibited by law" from working more than 35 hours per week. This misunderstanding may make it difficult for her to comprehend Sarkozy's reform of the tax on overtime work.

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