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Miliband demands party leaders block pay rise tomorrow

Miliband demands party leaders block pay rise tomorrow
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After his suggestion of cross-party talks on MPs' pay at PMQs today, Ed Miliband has just upped the stakes by suggesting that the three party leaders meet Sir Ian Kennedy of Ipsa tomorrow to set out their opposition to the pay rise.

His letter, which you can read in full below, reminds Cameron that he said at noon that 'my door is always open to the right honourable gentleman', and adds:

'The public expect us to resolve this now and not wait until 2015. it only undermines confidence and trust in our political system if the uncertainty about MPs' pay is allowed to continue.

'Therefore I believe the three party leaders should meet Sir Ian Kennedy tomorrow to make clear our view that we cannot go ahead with the current proposition.'

This is the Labour leader trying to get ahead of the game on an issue that all three party leaders agree on. Cameron will be wary of allowing Miliband to set the agenda on this, but after the energy prices row of the autumn, he'll want to do something fast to stop pay and insinuations about snouts in the trough becoming the row of the winter.

Click on the image to view the letter:


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