Miliband’s adviser Stewart Wood says he is ‘loving’ #JeSuisEd

Miliband's adviser Stewart Wood says he is 'loving' #JeSuisEd
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A little Twitter fad had emerged this afternoon where fans of Miliband tweet pictures of themselves eating sloppily along with the hashtag #JeSuisEd. It came about after the Sun went to town this morning on the Labour leader, reheating his famous bacon sandwich antics.

While Labour can hardly stop their supporters from hijacking the #JeSuisCharlie meme that was set up in honour of the journalists massacred in Paris earlier this year, surely Miliband's chief aide Lord Wood, a bright Oxford tutor, should know better than to use it for a quick laugh online?

I'm loving this collection of food selfies from Ed Miliband fans & supporters. #JeSuisEd.

— Stewart Wood (@StewartWood) May 6, 2015

The compassionate left out in force again.

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