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Ming offers lukewarm support for Nick Clegg

Ming offers lukewarm support for Nick Clegg
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It is hard to imagine that this week could be as disastrous as last week for Nick Clegg, but Ming Campbell’s interview in the Independent this morning won’t have put a spring in Clegg’s step.

Ming’s praise for his successor is hardly gushing. Take his response to this question:  Would an experienced parliamentarian like yourself have led his party out of the Commons?

Cid Evans

by email 

I have been punctilious in not second guessing the new leader. It is for him to decide strategy and tactics. This is politician-speak for, ‘it was a really stupid thing to do but I’m not going to say that’. To add insult to injury, Ming also gives a rather forceful answer to the question about how many women have you slept with. Indeed, with pretty much every politician who is interviewed being asked this question and giving the right answer, Clegg’s embarrassment is going to be prolonged for a while longer.

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