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Mitt’s Mormon Moment

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Daniel Larison explains why Mitt Romney's speech on "religious liberty" on Thursday is going to be a tricky balancing act:

His speech will have to go something like this: “My faith, which is very important to me and has made me who I am, should not be important to you, but it is important that we have a person of faith leading this country, and that person happens to be me.”

It is Romney's misfortune that many Americans wonder if he actually belongs to a cult. Doubtless he feels this is unfair, but he could comfort himself by reflecting that he could be labouring under a much more grievous burden: he could be an atheist*.

Besides, Romney has no-one to blame but himself. When a candidate declares that "We need a person of faith to run this country" it is entirely reasonable for the public to ask, "Well, mate, what do you believe in then? And why?"

*Or a smoker**

**I had a higher opinion of Obama before he decided to quit tobacco...

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