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Mods & Trads: Australian Edition

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An interesting piece from the BBC's Nick Bryant, arguing that Australian conservatives have concluded that Cameron failed to win an overall majority because he was insufficiently clear - that is, right-wing.

The Liberal leader Tony Abbott appears determined not to make the same mistake [sic*] and is modifying, that is to say abandoning, some of his predecessors modernising touches as Australia prepares for its election next year.

If Abbott wins - though at present the polls suggest the electorate doesn't like Abbott's Liberals or Prime Minister Rudd's Labour party and would, in a burst of Aussie Cleggmania hand the Greens 16% of the vote - then we can expect the usual suspects here to use that as an excuse for relitigating Project Cameron.

Perhaps they'll have a point. But as Lynton Crosby might tell you Australia isn't Britain. And anyway, given that the Liberal/National parternship won 47.3% of the vote in 2007 (after transfers) the Aussie right isn't in anything like the hole the British right found itself in.

Nevertheless, worth keeping an eye on events Down Under.


Kevin Rudd appears to be in terrible trouble but that doesn't seem to mean that there's much enthusiasm for Abbott either...

*Readers know where I stand on this.

**Inexplicably I always confuse Kevin Rudd with the actor Paul Rudd.

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