Moggmentum reaches the Commons

Moggmentum reaches the Commons
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Although Moggmentum has been building for some time among the Tory grassroots, conventional wisdom dictates that Jacob Rees-Mogg is still very unlikely to make it to No 10 – no matter how enthusiastic the members – thanks to the fact that he doesn't have the support of enough Tory MPs to get onto the ballot paper in the first place.

However, is a change a coming? Mr S only asks after Theresa May's soft Brexit proposal appeared to get a number of Tory MPs wondering who would do a better job. Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Andrew Bridgen – the outspoken Brexiteer and member of the European Research Group – says that the Chequers meeting saw Cabinet Brexiteers sell out. Now there is only one person who can save the day:

'The door to Mrs May’s country residence was open but they chose not to walk out of it. Perhaps the threat of the withdrawal of the Government limo was just too great.

It leaves only one credible contender with the integrity and backbone to follow Mrs May: Jacob Rees-Mogg.'

Asked on Pienaar's Politics whether Bridgen was backing the Moggster all the way, Bridgen wouldn't rule it out. 'I think Jacob Rees Mogg has many qualities that would suit him for high office. We're not there yet but I'm sure that one day he will certainly be in the cabinet,' came the MP's reply. If more Brexiteers conclude that the Cabinet have sold them out, the next Tory leadership contest could get very interesting indeed.

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