Peter Hoskin

More good news for the Tories

More good news for the Tories
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There's more poll cheer for the Tories this morning. The latest YouGov poll for the Telegraph puts them on 43 percent (up 3 from last month); Labour on 29 percent (down 4); and the Lib Dems on 17 percent (up 1). Another double-digit lead, then.

What's most encouraging for the Tories is how voters are turning away from the Government over the economy. The “feel-good factor” stands at minus 52 percent, its lowest-ever level. And only 27 percent of respondents think that Labour have the best economic policies, compared to 35 percent for the Tories. Gordon Brown has always boasted that he's the best man to have at the helm of our economy. The credit crunch is finally putting that lie to bed.