Morrissey’s reading list

Morrissey's reading list
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Morrissey caused a stir last month when he used a blog post to lambast the Indy for an article - aka 'an extreme Hate Piece so loaded with vile bile that it almost choked on its own endless capacity to be appalled' – daring to criticise him. Happily, the former Smiths frontman's latest entry is more jolly – with Morrissey discovering a tome he actually wants to read:

'We plan a release for our Back on the chain gang single for August - if the wind remains at our backs and in our sails. If you find yourself at a loose end until then, please read Douglas Murray’s The strange death of Europe.'

However, the outspoken singer still finds time to let fans know what he will not be reading:

'I am sorry that our art-hounds at The Independent and The Guardian were so hateful about the tour, but as we now know, hatred is their income. They do not care and they have no taste. Rather than suffer the ordeal of insanity, I would suggest that you never again buy or log onto these ‘hoax news’ outlets: they will die quickly without you.'

Should readers wish to take Morrissey's advice, Mr S's colleague's book can be found here.