Rod Liddle

Move Over Mary Seacole, There’s a New Kid In Town

Move Over Mary Seacole, There’s a New Kid In Town
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Hey, look – this is what your kids learn in school these days. Those of you who are big fans of the Juche regime of Kim Jong il in North Korea will enjoy this from the MP Diane Abbott’s website.

Poor little mites, having this sort of grotesque propaganda rammed down their throats. I dunno, maybe there was another verse which went something along the lines of:

Yo Diane man, she be cool

Send HER kids to da private school

She got da money to watch their backs

She don’t want ‘em mixin’ wid blacks

Back in da House she be learnin’

Not to disclose her outside earnings

Etc etc

This ludicrous puffed-up pantomime dame was back on The Week last night, being critical of people for having a go at MPs over expenses, lobbying and so on. There are good MPs, she said, don’t tar them all with the same brush. Yes, there are – but you’re not one of them. I’ve been looking at her constituency, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, in the faint hope that the people might rise up on May 6 and kick her out. Not much of a chance I’m afraid, and her opponents seem, from cursory inspection, a rather anodyne bunch. What shall we do about her?