David Blackburn

MPs, porkies, pigs and scum

MPs, porkies, pigs and scum
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The headline might almost be word association, but when it comes to Twitter the devil makes work for idle thumbs. Guido points out that tweets cannot be edited once posted. Labour whip David Wright has previous with labelling the Tories ‘scum’, and he maintains that on each occasion he has fallen victim to a would be Lisbeth Salander, who uses their genius to post inane political slurs in no more than 147 characters. Either that or he’s artless at deceit.    

CCHQ scent blood and Eric Pickles is gunning for Wright’s head. He has written a letter arguing that Wright has breached the ministerial code. I can see this row running on and on, as there is a lot of bad blood between the two parties. All in all, it is going to be a long and dirty campaign; I’m enjoying it already.