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Mullin on Cameron

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I've been reading Chris Mullin's entertaining diaries and was interested to be reminded that David Cameron was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, chaired by Mullin. The Tory leader doesn't feature often in the diaries, but here's what Mullin has to say:

November 15, 2001: "We have an impressive new Tory on the committee - David Cameron, a young, bright libertarian* who can be relied upon to follow his own instincts rather than the party line."

April 9th, 2002: "More than once, when we reached an impasse, David Cameron came to the rescue. The more I see of him, the more I like. He's bright, personable and refreshingly open-minded. No doubt he'll soon be whisked away to the Tory front bench."

*UPDATE: That Chris Mullin might think Cameron a libertarian doesn't necessarily establish Cameron's libertarian bona fides. Still, back then Cameron was interested in reforming our drug laws...

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