Rod Liddle

Nail a Cretin and Win Some Bubbly – final chance

Nail a Cretin and Win Some Bubbly – final chance
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So much epic bilge has been talked in these last four weeks that it will take me a long time to sort through the posts to find the most spastically stupid contribution. But expect a decision by nine o clock Friday morning. Obviously there have been some important entries since my last post on the subject: “What stupid bitch thought it would be a good idea to let me meet that bigoted racist old cow”, or words to that effect, from the Prime Minister, for example. But Cameron insisting that I must choose “hope - not fear” runs it pretty close. Please append your suggestions below.

Meanwhile, I think my prediction a couple of weeks ago – which was, if I remember, something like 36 Con 28 Lab 24 Lib Dem – is holding up pretty well. The appetite for Clegg seems to be waning by the minute in this, the most volatile of elections. All those media monkeys who thought the Lib Dems would win – yes, Rusbridger – will, I think, be looking very stupid if Clegg picks up only 15 seats or so.