Rod Liddle

Nail A Cretin and Win Some Bubbly Update

Nail A Cretin and Win Some Bubbly Update
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Keep those excellent observations flowing in, please. Here’s one I found in the introduction to the Labour Manifesto, published yesterday. Gordon Brown wrote it, apparently:

'This is a Manifesto about the greater progressive change we need because of the tougher times we are living through. There are no big new spending

commitments, but there is a determination for every penny to be used wisely, and, as present plans make clear, to give the maximum protection to frontline public services.'

The first sentence, the one about greater progressive change, is utterly meaningless, especially the word “progressive”. In the second sentence the word “but” should be “and” and the sentence as a whole is platitudinous drivel. Imagine its reverse: “There is a determination on our part to be utterly cavalier with your money and waste as much as possible.”

Probably nearer the truth.