James Forsyth

Nats go nuclear on the Lib Dems

Nats go nuclear on the Lib Dems
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The Scottish and Welsh Nationalists have managed to prompt the first Commons vote where one of the governing parties has to vote against its own manifesto. They have put down an amendment calling for Trident to be included in the SDR, which will be voted on at 10pm tonight.

The Lib Dem manifesto commits the party to ‘Saying no to the like for like replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, which could cost £100 billion. We will hold a full defence review to establish the best alternative for Britain’s future security.’ But the Coalition agreement states that the government will keep Britain’s nuclear deterent and says that the renewal of Trident should merely be scrutinised for value for money.

I rather suspect that someone will quote at the Lib Dems Nick Clegg’s previous view, still to his credit conveniently available on his website, that "Excluding Trident from the defence review is both absurd and irresponsible."