Peter Hoskin

New media, same old message

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Brace yourselves.  Gordon Brown has hit YouTube with another video message for his adoring public (watch it after the jump).  To be honest, it's not a bad as his last comedy effort - he's stepped out of the bunker, for a start, and there's less rictus grinning - but it's hardly going to set the Internet alight:

The most striking thing is how Brown is using the new media to relay the same message we've heard a thousand times before.  He kicks off with the line, "We've got to take action to get out of this downturn, and you can't cut your way out - you've got to invest your way out."  So, despite the shifting poltical tides, and despite the advice of some Labour folk, Brown is still determined that his central dividing line be between "Labour investment" and "Tory cuts".  Wonder how it will work out for him...  

P.S. The bits Brown really wants the electorate to see come at 0:37 (him with Sarah Brown) and at 1:51 - 1:56 (him with Obama).