Sebastian Payne

New poll shows challenges for all Labour leadership candidates

New poll shows challenges for all Labour leadership candidates
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ComRes has released a new poll which outlines Labour’s present plight (as with all post-election opinion polls, treat these numbers with some caution). Just 20 per cent of the public say they would be inspired by any four the leadership candidates to vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Burnham coming joint top on 22 per cent, Yvette Cooper on 21 per cent and Liz Kendall last on 18 per cent. And for those who think candidate would persuade them not to vote Labour, Kendall and Corbyn are joint top on 58 per cent — not surprising given they have the most strident views.

The characteristics of each candidate are also examined: Burnham is scored highest for having ‘what it takes’ to be Prime Minister, although this is only24 per cent. Cooper and Corbyn are joint second on 23 per cent thinking they have what it takes while Kendall is last on 16 per cent. Even among Labour voters, three in ten believe each candidate doesn’t have what it takes to be Prime Minister.

In general voting intentions, the Conservatives have reached their highest vote share since January 2010. According to ComRes, the Tories are on 42 per cent, Labour are on 28 per cent while Ukip is languishing on nine per cent and Lib Dems on eight. Even taking margins of error into account, the Tories are taking advantage of the situation.

As the chart above shows, the ComRes polls suggest that the Tories have widened their lead over Labour from six points at the general election to 14 points today. If this is the Corbyn effect in action, the worries of moderates in the party about how the general public will react appear to be justified.